Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I hate blogger! Converting to Tumblr! :)

Thank you stephanie thomas for giving me the idea to post this as a blog entry.

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Thanks! Goodbye blogger!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

catch up. Phippin = 4 weeks 2 days (1 month tomorrow)

Phippin is here!!! I had him at 39 weeks and 2 days. Brett and I went in on Thursday Jan. 20th for our weekly doctor's appointment. We discovered he was still in breech position. Dr. Blackett said, because of this, we have some options. First, we could have a C-section the following day (friday morning). Mine and Brett's jaws dropped. "Um...we could have this kid tomorrow?????"

2nd option: we could try an ECV -- External Cephalic Version -- which is where the doctor basically massages my belly, trying to get the baby to flip. Our chances of him flipping if we tried that, were 50/50. If it worked, we'd wait and hope he stayed that way until my body decided to go into labor. If it didn't, the doctor suggested that we go ahead and get a C-section because it wasn't likely that he would flip on his own if he didn't flip during the ECV AND if I went into labor with him breech, we would for sure get a C-section but the recovery afterwards would be a lot harder, due to having gone into labor beforehand. We decided we'd try the ECV the following morning and if he didn't flip, we would get a C-section.

The night before, Brett and I went out on our last date as a childless couple (but we didn't know that for sure, at the time). We were both kind of convinced the ECV would work and that we would NOT be having the baby the next day. These thoughts were probably simply denial. We went out to firehouse to eat, went home and watched an episode of "Pushing Daisies" (again) and went to bed.

By 5:30 we were at the hospital. The nurses began prepping me for the ECV and hooking up ultrasound to monitor his heartbeat. All was well until he moved so the nurse moved the device that was monitoring his heart and when she found it, it had significantly dropped. It was so slow, I was sure it was my own heartbeat. So a couple other nurses rushed in and stuck IV needles in my arm, missed, stuck them in again and shoved an oxygen mask on my face. Brett and I sat there a little freaked out. His heartbeat went back to normal pretty quick but the nurses were convinced that when Dr. Blackett arrived she would just do a C-section because of the temporary heart rate drop.

Dr. Blackett arrived and tried ECV for a little bit. When his heart rate dropped again signaling stress, she suggested we stop. Brett and I were both really nervous about doing a C-section for some reason--perhaps because my whole pregnancy, I had just been preparing myself fornormal vaginal birth. We discussed the possibility of waiting it out to see if he'd flip on his own (even though we'd been told he wouldn't if he didn't for the ECV) but our doctor (who is a DO and very trustworthy. Not the type to suggest something because it would make her more money or be more convenient/easy for her) recommended that we just do the C-section. Everyone else (my parents and Brett's mom) agreed.

I was brought to a different room down the hall where they had me sit on a table, stuck a needle in my back (which hurt less than the IV pokes) and my legs immediately started feeling warm. within 5 or 10 minutes they were numb. Dr. Blackett confirmed that I was numb and began! Both her and another doctor were conducting the surgery while the anesthesiologist and Brett sat at my head. We all talked and joked. It was strangely laid back and casual, and within about 10 or 15 minutes they pulled him out and I heard him crying. So weird. They showed him to me and then rushed him and Brett away to bathe him and test him. I was stitched back up and was able to nurse him within about 10 or 15 minutes. Incredible.

He was 5 lbs 8 oz and 18 in long. And beautiful. Throughout our stay at the hospital the nurses kept commenting on how cute he is. I'd like to think they don't say that to everyone. :)
At 4 weeks (this last friday--two days ago), we went in for a weight check and he was 7 lbs 8 oz! Hurray for gaining 2 pounds in 4 weeks!! (really more like 2 lbs 8 oz because he had dropped to 5 lbs .5 oz by his 5 day weight check). Having him home the first two weeks we're actually pretty easy. He would have his last meal at 11 or 11:30 and then would wake up at about 3 or 4 am and then not again until between 6 and 8 am. Never cried unless his diaper was being changed or was hungry in the middle of the night. Different story these days.
We're trying to figure out solutions to his fussiness/crying (that mainly occur at night).
Possible causes and fixes include:
- He has gas pains. Perhaps I need to do better at burping him during meals.
- He is being over-stimulated these days--running errands, seeing movies, going on visits/having visitors. Perhaps provide less stimulation.
- He is reacting to something in MY diet that is showing up in the breastmilk (dairy?).
- He misses the feel of the womb. We actually have found that he usually calms down if he is bounced. This is where the Maya sling/wrap comes in handy.
- He needs love and attention. We have found that letting him sleep on mine or Brett's chest calms him. Should we continue to give into this or encourage independence by letting him cry in his crib? Still trying to decide on this one. Any suggestions are welcome.
- He just likes to cry/be fussy to see how much we can tolerate. Perhaps we should just take him to grandparents' houses at night and let them deal with him. :) (this one is a joke...but tempting at 3 o'clock in the morning).
It can be frustrating but the boy still brings such happiness (...and fatigue... :) ) into our lives. Cuddling with him and gawking at him never get old. We feel truly blessed.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


So I'm finally 37 weeks! Meaning, at this point, if he were born he would be fully developed. At the last appointment the physicians assistant (doctor was booked) informed me that the baby might be a little on the small side. Not dangerously small, just...a little small. She advised me to rest more and eat more (particularly protein) so I had the office staff where I work, take me off the schedule from here on out...
What am I going to do then to keep myself occupied, you might ask (or you might not...but I'm telling you anyways)?

I'm going to:

- continue to enjoy Netflix

- make updates to registries

- make cushions for the red rocker pictured below

- customize some plain white onesies

- pack hospital bag

- clean!
- become familiar with KSL and how to sell things on it--and do so

- continue to read Chronicles of Narnia and What to Expect ("when expecting" and "the 1st year")

My bosom buddy Liz was in town from California for the holidays so she and my other bosoms (buddies, that is) threw me a baby shower (the other shower thorwing buddies = Marla and Michelle). Here are pictures from the magical dinner/shower. Thanks Liz, Marla, Michelle, Jency, Paige and Justine!!! :)

This is the 36 week picture. I thought I'd include it as well.
Red rocker from Jeff and Jan (Grandpa and Grandma Tingey)
I would upload the photo of the fabric I want to use to make cushions for this but I think I'd rather shoot myself. It'll have to wait 'til next entry (by which time I hope to be finished with the cushions). Will someone PLEASE make uploading and moving pictures on blogger, do-able enough that I won't throw temper tantrums every time??!?!!!

Just F.Y.I., I have changed where we're registered (for anyone wanting to know):
Walmart or (which only has a couple things on it because most other things are cheaper/better on or
One more F.Y.I. : When it comes to baby clothes, Brett and Emily generally aren't big fans of:
- disney cartoons
- bears, dogs, tigers
- cars, trucks, tractors
- most sporty themed clothes (especially Nascar, Brett says)
- light blue (some light blue clothing is fine but we feel it can be a little overdone with baby boys)
clothing from Old Navy is almost always a safe bet (and great prices too!)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

33 Weeks

33 week picture

His movements are still fascinating but also getting uncomfortable. Apparently that's due to the lack of increase in amniotic fluid at this point, which was previously helping to cushion the blows. The little stinker seems to enjoy pushing on/kicking/punching my bladder and right side of my rib cage. But it's still fun to watch. Also for the past week or so I've been able to tell when he's hiccuping and THAT'S rather cute.

We had our free-bee ultrasound today (since some of their equipment wasn't working for our 20 week ultrasound).
It turned out ok. Not SPECTACULAR but not bad. Also, we we're excited about getting it on DVD (which they usually do at 20 weeks) but I came home and put it in the computer and it doesn't seem to work. Awesome. Oh well.

His little linus
3D profile. Kind of hard to see. His face occupies the left side of the picture and he's facing in the opposite direction of my hand that is holding the picture. The black area on the left side of the picture looks like a big hole in his head ('s not). Once you figure it out, it's actually pretty cool. You can see his right eye (which appears to be closed), his nose, mouth and chin. It's a real baby!

Profile (looking at left side of face; he is looking towards the upper left corner of picture)

The Chicco Travel System (car seat/carrier and stroller) that we bought used for $85 (thanks! Significantly cheaper than the retail price of approximately $300. Don't worry, the seller (who is married to a brother of a friend of Brett's) informed us it's never been in a car accident.

Graco Bassinet/Travel Lite Crib. This is what he'll be sleeping in for probably about the first month, in our room. It will likely also be used (while he's still small enough to fit) as a porta-crib if he ever sleeps at one of his many loving grandparents' houses :) Received from the P-town girls at the cute shower they threw for me on Saturday Dec. 4th. Thanks Francom, Whitney, Kelsey, Megan and Makell!!! You're the best. :)

The Medela dual electric breast pump that we were able to afford thanks to Grandma Ann!

Some have asked what we need, and the easiest way to know is to check out our registries! I've been doing my homework comparing prices web-wide and at local stores and tried to register accordingly.

Once at one of the websites, look for a link labeled "Baby registry" or "Gift registry". Then look for the option to "find a registry" and type in either Emily Tingey or Brett Tingey. (I think registry is also accessible at any Target store)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

30 weeks!

Woops. Like I said. I'm no good at the blogging game.

So I only have 10 weeks to go!! WOW! The past couple months have actually gone by relatively fast, I think because I've been feeling pretty great. Not dealing with a whole lot of symptoms except for occasional heartburn, braxton hicks, and irritability. One fun/sometimes uncomfortable symptom is the frequent movement I feel from within. It never fails to be fascinating to me.
Pictures from the past while:
23 weeks

26 weeks

27 weeks

Our Doctor is allowing us to get another ultrasound at our 32 week check up (in 2 weeks) since some of their equipment wasn't working when we went in for the 20 week ultrasound (so we didn't get to record it OR get 3D pictures). YAY DOCTOR! She's great. So at 32 weeks, I'm sure the ultrasound pictures will be pretty neat. Hopefully.

I can't think of what else to write (and I'm being distracted by "Notting Hill" which I'm currently watching) so...until next time (hopefully there IS a next)!!

P.S.!! Out of curiosity, I wouldn't mind knowing who voted for which names so if you did/do vote, please comment and let me know which you chose/choose!! Just for fun. We pretty much have our minds made up but I'd still like to know. Thanks!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

22 weeks and 4 days

So I suck at updating my blog. I knew I would be bad at this once I got it started. I've always procrastinated journal writing, I've never kept a scrapbook and I'm not a huge picture taker. So blogging is a bit of a challenge.

If you're extremely observant you may have noticed I put 22 weeks and 4 days instead of 22 weeks and 2 days. Probably noooooot a big deal (since due dates are sooooo accurate...), but the doctor is just keeping the due date at January 26th instead of putting it at January 28th. I had been counting on and telling people Jan. 28th because the 10 week ultrasound showed (by the size of the baby) that I was a few days behind the calculated date of Jan. 26th. But I am certainly not going to argue with the doctor especially since it means, if I'm "late" I would be induced earlier than I would if I were due Jan. 28th. :)

Since I last wrote we found out that I am carrying a wee boy! At the beginning of the ultrasound we had at 19 weeks, he was not very cooperative. The ultrasound technician had to repeatedly jab my abdomen (full of urine waiting to be released, mind you) with the ultrasound wand to get him to move. He finally, coyly showed us his Linus (Arrested Development anyone?). We concluded that this either ment he would grow to be very proper and well mannered or stubborn and defiant. Crossing our fingers for the prior. Brett was convinced at first that the technician saw it wrong. He always believed he'd be cursed with 8 girls. In fact, a lot of people (including me) thought it would be a girl for some reason but...nope! A boy, it be.
Unfortunately, the day we went, most of their equipment wasn't working (awesome.) so we didn't get 3D pics like most people around us have received and they weren't able to make a recording of the ultrasound on the DVDR we had brought with us. Ces la vie.

19-week ultrasound pics:

A bum shot! The white spot is actually an arrow pointing to the gender give-away. :)

A foot! I hope its squishy and chubby.

Both pics above are profiles. Good luck figuring out where/what everything is.

A more decipherable profile pic. Also illustrates his cute alien-ness.

We're pretty positive on what we want to name him, but I'm keeping the voting poll on the sidebar open just for kicks. So please vote!! :)

I don't know when exactly the "quickening" (when I can feel him moving) began because there were times I didn't know if it was him or just normal stomach happenings like gas bubbles. I am CERTAIN now that I'm feeling him. It is so fun. Now that he's bigger (about 1 lb. and nearly 8 inches from crown-to-rump) I feel him all the time. In fact, yesterday, I was watching "Benny and June" and had just eaten a bowl of cereal (he tends to kick more after I've eaten something. Also kicks a lot when I'm sitting still) and I decided to watch my belly. As sure as day I was WATCHING him kicking. SOOOOOOOO weird to watch my abdomen jump and roll without my own brain's command. I texted Brett after I knew he was off work, "Hurry! Hurry! Come watch the alien move!" He got home and was able to watch as well. I tried to show this exciting weirdness to others such as my mom and my cousin, Marla--but to no avail. I've been warned to expect this to happen anytime in the future when I want people to see something my kid has been doing as of late--apparently they will frequently make a liar out of me.

Belly shots:

Let the nesting begin!

We wanted to do something else with the wall where the Led Zeppelin beauty hangs (pictured behind me in the belly shots), so we bought a slab of white board from a home improvement store (I don't want to do any free advertising here :) ) and sprayed chalkboard paint on the wood side of the white board. Since the first little while, babies see in mainly black and white, I used white chalk. As his color vision increases, we'll do more colorful drawings.

The lovely crib (thanks mom and dad!) featuring the sage toile bedding I bought from on SALE. Also the green dresser behind, Brett and I bought from D.I. and painted and put handles on ourselves. Pretty proud.

Nursery with the lamps on (one of which should look familiar to my Liz-friend :) ).
THEE coolest swing ever (thanks dad!).
Swing with the lights out...and featuring cute little Oliver (Michelle-friend's beeba).
Features of swing: cool fort-like netting, projected moon and stars as part of mobile, songs and nature sounds (love the nature sounds), swings front to back AND side to side (cradle), adjusts to have baby propped up or laying back, has a hook on that sits in front of child (not pictured), several swing speeds, seat is super soft and cushiony, not-too-shabby fold-up-and-store abilities....
Bottom line: AWESOME swing that I wish I could sit in, myself. But can't wait to try out on the little man. :D

Pregnancy symptoms my body has discarded by now:
- daily nausea
- rather frequent mood swings
- very frequent potty breaks
- extreme fatigue/laziness
- little to no appetite
- frequent headaches
Pregnancy symptoms my body has kept/gained:
- occasional lack of energy
- continued nasal congestion
- continued nasal bleeding
- heartburn
- continued breast enlargement (wuh hoo!)
- continued skin clearing (wuh hoo!)
- relatively uncontrollable gassyness
- joint pain (particularly in hips)
- low back pain
- calf cramps/spasms in the middle of night resulting in soreness for a few days (thumbs down)
- constipation
- continued breathlessness/asthmatic-ness
- occasional dizziness
- nail and hair growth
- continued lack of being "in the mood"....
- continued forgetfulness
- continued round ligament pain: the stretching of muscles and ligaments supporting uterus
- continued ease of feeling hot
PHEW! done complaining. Really though, this 2nd trimester has been a significant improvement on my overall happiness. I feel much more cheery, perky, excited and am probably more pleasant to be around, than I was a month or so ago. Can't wait 'til the last couple months which most people have been saying is the worst. Yikes. But I'm sure I'll look back with a certainty that it was all well worth it! :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

18 Weeks, 3 days

I knew I'd be bad at blogging if I didn't keep up with it regularly. I'm doing this grudgingly but I really want to have record of my pregnancy.
Last week my family and I went to Lake Powell. Being in a swimming suit made me realize just how little my belly has grown. It was frustrating (I hope I don't sound like one of those people that say "oh I'm such a nerd" but really mean "oh I'm really smart." My complaints probably come across as "oh I don't have a belly" as in "oo look at me I'm skinny." Ew! Annoying! So REALLY I just yearn for the growth because I think the pregnancy will feel/seem more real to me once I've got a distinct pregnant tummy).
However it HAS gotten a little bigger over the past 4 days. It seems to have finally sprouted a little.

While in Lake Powell my brother and his girlfriend tried out wakeboarding for...sort of the first time. Apparently they had tried it once or twice before but it had been a while. So Brett and I were trying to coach them on how to do it. It was getting frustrating coaching them since it had been probably about 2 years since I had last tried wakeboarding and I was itching to try it just to make sure the tips I was giving them were accurate. After lots of coercion, Brett finally agreed to let me try long as he was the one driving the boat, going slow. I wouldn't have done it if I thought I would crash but I knew I wouldn't. :) Cocky, I know.Anyhow, we all had a great time in Lake Powell (even though I am still slightly mood-swinging and ended up getting irritated with every single person there at one time or another. Got annoyed with Brett the least though, of course. ha).
Picture: Brett and I at Rainbow Bridge

So I haven't felt any movement yet.....I don't think....

Over the weekend my bosom buddy Lee-uhz (Liz) came up from California where she is currently living. The week prior, my cousin/other bosom buddy returned home from her summer in St. Petersburg. It was so good to have some feminine bonding. :)
They both say that I'm starting to look pregnant. Meh. To me, I think right now I just look like I've had way too many pints of Ben & Jerry's coffee heath bar crunch.

Ultrasound this Thursday!!! We will finally be able to stop calling it, it. SOOOOOO EXCIIIIIITEEEEDDDD!!!